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Those of silicone inexperienced, such as those who want to eliminate the hassle of a large amount of silicone, please feel free to contact us at Quote and consultation mail or telephone. Purchasing from us a kit to be used for the silicone Customers (if there is no stock Stock your are) received were available upon request at the discount service fees. Of course we also offer silicone in you have the kit already.

The use kit with simultaneous purchase at our silicone * Silicone in the kit have your tail
Unit size 12 "or less Discount service pay  ¥ 8,100 (tax included) + silicone kit fee ¥ 10,260 (tax included)
Unit size 15 " Discount service wage  ¥ 10,260 (tax included) + silicone kit fee ¥ 12,420 (tax included)
Unit size 18 " Discount service wage ¥ 12,420 (tax included) + silicone kit fee ¥ 14,580 (tax included)
* If at the time of your application there is no inventory of the corresponding kit correspondence becomes in Stock, you might get your time than normal delivery time.

Please feel free to contact us at your consultation and quote the mail or telephone.
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